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Extension Request
Complete this form to request an extension to your RMIT English Worldwide enrolment. Please note that all extension requests are subject to RMIT English Worldwide's approval.
Student Details

Fill in the dates that you would like to extend your course

REW Intake Start Dates – 2024

·       Intake 2, 2024 = 12 February - 15 March
·       Intake 3, 2024 = 18 March - 19 April
·       Intake 4, 2024 = 29 April - 31 May
·       Intake 5, 2024 = 03 June – 05 July
·       Intake 6, 2024 = 22 July – 23 August
·       Intake 7, 2024 = 26 August - 26 September
·       Intake 8, 2024 = 07 October - 08 November
·       Intake 9, 2024 = 11 November - 13 December



REW 2024 tuition fees per week = $520

REW 2024 tuition fees per module = $2,600

Student Visa Holders

Student visa holders have a maximum of eight weeks break between programs. If you finish your pathway program and have more than an eight-week gap, you need to leave Australia or enrol in alternative study during the interim.​

Please contact the Department of Home Affairs for advice on any potential impact a resulting break in studies may have on your visa. 

5-week Extension Request Attendance Declaration

Read the information below and confirm that you understand / agree:

Students must attend a minimum of 80% of classes during the 5-week monitoring period. 

REW must report unsatisfactory attendance to the Department of Home Affairs if: 

  • Projected attendance falls below 80%  


  • No medical certificates or other evidence are provided to explain the absences  


  • Student’s current attendance is below 70% 

Reporting unsatisfactory attendance may affect a student’s visa. 

REW reserves the right not to extend the program of any student whose attendance, academic progress or behaviour is unsatisfactory.  

  • I understand that I will have a new eCoE for my 5-week extension and my attendance will be monitored for the request period.
  • I will be provided with a weekly update of my attendance, via email. 
  • I know that if I am absent during these 5 weeks my attendance will drop rapidly. Each day I am absent means a deduction of 4% from my attendance rate. 
  • may only get one warning letter if my attendance falls between 80% - 90%. 
  • If I am absent for 6 or more days, my attendance may be under 80% before REW is able to send me a warning letter.  

Student Declaration

Read the information below and confirm that you understand / agree:

Regarding EAP: 

  • this request is subject to RMIT English Worldwide’s approval and if approved, a new offer letter will be available in Studylink and a notification sent to my personal email account, which I will need to accept. 
  • as part of the acceptance process, I will pay the relevant tuition fee.  Then an eCoE with the new commencement date will be issued to my Studylink account.  
  • there is a one-week timeframe to accept and pay the tuition fees from class commencement and I may attend classes during this period. 


Regarding future programs: 

  • any future programs I have offers for will be automatically deferred (if applicable) and all new offers will be available in Studylink and a notification sent to my personal email address when processed.    
  • any future programs I have already accepted will be automatically deferred and accepted (if applicable). The university will cancel my previous eCoE and issue me with a new eCoE 
  • the program fee for the NEW intake may differ from the OLD intake and the new intake for the program may have a different program structure. 


Regarding other conditions: 

  • I am required to have valid Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) for the full duration of my study and I will be required to extend my cover if the duration of the new program extends past my current cover. 
  • if I have been awarded sponsorship or scholarship, I will be required to obtain a new letter of approval (i.e. Financial Guarantee) from my sponsor before I am eligible to be accepted into the new program/plan, receive a new eCoE or enrol. 
  • I am required to hold a valid visa while studying at REW. 
  • I give RMIT University permission to check my visa status using the Department of Home Affairs Visa Electronic Verification Online (VEVO) system. 
  • I agree to have my applicant portal communication email updated to my personal email address.