RMIT English Worldwide - 5-week Attendance Declaration Form

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Complete this attendance declaration form if you are extending your RMIT English Worldwide enrolment for 5 weeks.

Please note that all extension requests are subject to RMIT English Worldwide's approval.

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Attendance Declaration

Read the information below and confirm that you understand and agree:

Students must attend a minimum of 80% of classes during the 5-week monitoring period. 

REW must report unsatisfactory attendance to the Department of Home Affairs if: 

  • Projected attendance falls below 80%  


  • No medical certificates or other evidence are provided to explain the absences  


  • Student’s current attendance is below 70% 

Reporting unsatisfactory attendance may affect a student’s visa. 

REW reserves the right not to extend the program of any student whose attendance, academic progress or behaviour is unsatisfactory.  

  • I understand that I will have a new eCoE for my 5-week extension and my attendance will be monitored for the request period.
  • I will be provided with a weekly update of my attendance, via email. 
  • I know that if I am absent during these 5 weeks my attendance will drop rapidly. Each day I am absent means a deduction of 4% from my attendance rate. 
  • may only get one warning letter if my attendance falls between 80% - 90%. 
  • If I am absent for 6 or more days, my attendance may be under 80% before REW is able to send me a warning letter.